Damon Edwards HCG Weight Loss Success!

Bojo of 98.5 KLUC Rocks The HCG Weight Loss Program!

Congratulations to Bojo! He lost 32 lbs. in 43 days while on the TrimBody M.D. HCG Weight Loss Program. He went from 33% body fat to 23% body fat.  Bojo also GAINED 3 lbs. of muscle!

Randy Shropshir’s Triumphant Weight Loss Testimonial!

Dear Jon Kinney and the TrimBody M.D. team,

I want to thank you for all your support while I was doing the HCG weight loss program. As you can see by my “before and after pictures” I have made a major transformation.  I went from sized 38 pant to a size 32. I haven’t been in sized 32 pant since I was in high school.

I feel the change has given me a new perspective on life. I gained so much confidence, not only with my looks but with almost every aspect of my life. Im surprised that type of change would enhance my work, my health and most importantly my sex life 😉

I had to take the time to express how amazing my life has been since the weight loss. I can’t recommend another weight loss program that is this fast and easy. I have spent hundreds of hours in the gym trying to lose weight and nothing I did was ever this effective. Once I completed the program and continued a healthy diet, active life style, my weight has been the same since I finished the HCG program.

Again, thank you Trim Body MD!

Randy Shropshir

James Went from 250 lbs to 205 lbs!


Comedian Momo Rodriguez’ Weight Loss Is No Joke

Momo Weight Loss Before & After